Naast Commanche 4 is ook Star Trek Armada II gold zo heeft Doug Pearson, producer van het spel, laten weten. Een officiele pers release zal nog volgen, maar Armada II krijgt op dit moment veel broertjes en zusjes. Mooi nieuws voor alle Strartrekkers onder ons. Wanneer het spel in de winkels ligt is nog niet bekend gemaakt.Features

- 30 Single Player Missions and 30 Multiplayer maps.

- More ship classes

- New facing based damage system

- Variety of weapons with varying ranges

- 3-D ship formations with up to 16 ships

- More in-depth strategic combat

- Cinematic control that allows you to become fully immersed in explosive battles

- Intense Multiplayer competition over Lan and the Internet using GameSpy

At the heart of Star Trek Armada II are the most exciting elements from the Star Trek episodes and movies: leading fleets of starships into combat, exploring new planetary systems throughout the Alpha and Delta Quadrants, and carefully treading the delicate balance between peace and war among six different races.

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