Microprose gaat een game maken van de (al oude) film Star Ship Troopers.Alright, so its been long while since the film released (and even longer since the book hit shelves) - but you have to admit, the idea of taking on giant armoured bugs with overpowered weaponry is completely timeless. MicroProse's new Starship Troopers takes place a few years after the events that unfold in the movie of the same name. Encased in a suit of powered battle armour, players will drop into a hot location and be required to accomplish certain mission goals before being evacuated back to the mother ship. Better still, the missions and mission objectives are generated by a dynamic mission generator that moulds itself to player's individual level of skill and their specific play style. As the player progresses through the game, they will be honoured with various awards and promotions that will eventually give them command of a group of troops. Expected sometime in the winter of 1998 but due for release in April 2000, Starship Troopers will also feature a multiplayer capability that will enable up to 25 players to compete or cooperate in huge battles. The game, like the film, is based on the universe created by Robert A. Heinlien in his groundbreaking 1959 novel.De screenshots zijn in ieder geval om van te smullen