Ik zelf had al ondervonden dat de multiplayer faciliteiten van ST: EF niet te pruimen zijn, maar Dailyradar vond het nodig om dit eens even helemaal uit te diepen. Het resulteerde in een leuke HoloMatch review.We were most surprised by the appearance of a full offline tourney game. Players who wish to hone their deathmatch skills a bit before wandering out onto the Internet to be slaughtered by teenagers with godlike eye/hand coordination can compete in a ladder tournament against various bots. Bots run from inexperienced "Cadet" skill all the way up to the deadly "Admiral" setting. As they die, bots will taunt the players (accompanied by the sound of communicator beeping), much like in Quake 3. Unlike Q3, the bots do their taunting before they respawn, which kept us from scoring cheap kills from bots that were "typing" insults at us. Bot AI is still undergoing tweaking by Raven, evident from the fact that even bots on the hardest setting fell before our mighty photon bursts like little children rushing away from Michael Jackson. Lees de hele review