Bij Stomped hebben ze Brian Pelletier,de projectleider van Star Trek: Elite Force, eens aan de tand gevoeld. Wil je meer weten over ST: Elite Force, dan kan je ook de official homepage een bezoekje brengen.Can you give us an update on the overall progress of Elite Force? How much more work is needed before the game is completed? Pelletier: We are in the final stages of tightening up all of the levels. The main thing we need to work on is the combat in the levels. We are having some difficulty setting up the combat because the AI for some of the enemies is still being worked on. But for the overall picture the levels are 100% architecture complete, all the puzzles are in place but some still need to be tested. All the weapons are in and working with just a few minor tweaks needed here and there. Basically the content for the game is done and now we are just trying to put it all together so everything is working perfectly. The multiplayer game is shaping up nicely too and we are having a lot of fun playing it but there is still a lot of item and weapon placement balancing to do on the levels.Lees het complete interview.