Je raakt onderhand de tel kwijt met het aantal Star Trek games. Het begint zelfs op een overdosis te lijken, maar er zijn altijd mensen die het nooit genoeg vinden. ST: Bridge Commander laat de speler, je raad het al, een Star Fleet captain zijn.

Daily Radar maakte een preview:If there's one thing that Trek fans learned the hard

way, it's that controlling the Enterprise with a joystick is a bad idea. It's a starship large enough to carry a crew of hundreds, not an F-16 or a spiffy little Wing Commander fighter. Larry Holland realizes this; he's a smart man. How else would you describe the founder of Totally Games, the developers behind LucasArts blockbusters X-Wing, Tie Fighter and X-Wing


While Klingon Academy was a rock-solid game, it didn't provide the one outlet that we'd been looking for:

captaining our own Enterprise. The build that we were

shown was "pre-alpha" with areas that "still lacked

polish," in Larry's own words. While he made it sound

as if the demo was going to consist of his holding a

model of the Enterprise and making "woosh" noises,

the game was much more together than he played it up to be.

he game takes place after the Dominion War (the

climactic battles that ended Deep Space 9), placing the player in the trim red suit and four gold pips of a

freshly promoted Star Fleet captain sent off to investigate a cataclysmic event that destroyed a few

Star Fleet colonies. Bridge Commander will have a

very episodic feel, with eight episodes containing four

to 10 missions each.

The most interesting aspect of Bridge Commander is

Totally's approach to the game itself. This is the first

space sim in recent memory that not only does not

require a joystick but will not work with one. All control of your vessel is handled through mouse and

keyboard, either via a system of communicated "orders" to the ship's crew or by seizing tactical control of a Galaxy or Sovereign-class vessel and kicking a little alien tail from an external view. Judging from the game's release date -- Activision told us that it would hit sometime in the Spring of '01 -- Totally Games is going to have plenty of time to add lots and lots of cool elements. Which, judging from the accusational email we receive every time we make a Star Trek error, you guys are going to demand in very loud voices.

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