PC Liefhebbers van dit kleine draakje hadden twee opties. Een playstation aanschaffen of een emulator downloaden waarmee het spel toch gespeeld kon worden. Al dit gedoe hoeft dadelijk niet meer want Spyro komt ook rechtstreeks naar de PC Havas Interactive, the parent firm of Sierra, has landed an enormous franchise. The company has signed a three-year deal with Sony, giving it sole rights to develop and publish the fourth Spyro the Dragon game.

Spyro, one of the most popular fixtures on the PlayStation, is broadening his horizons, though. Havas plans to develop the action-adventure game for the PlayStation2, Microsoft X-Box, PC and Nintendo's Game Boy Advanced. Online and wireless versions are also expected.

Universal Interactive Studios has been developing Spyro in the past, but recently terminated its agreement with Sony. (A third installment of the game is due in november.) Since his arrival in 1998, the spunky blue dragon has sold more than 5 million copies. Havas currently expects to introduce the fourth installment of the series in Spring 2002.

"Wat een lief draakje