Dacht je in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault genoeg momenten te hebben gemaakt om je kleinkinderen te vertellen, met de officiele uitbreiding (die nog steeds geen officiele titel heeft) komen er weer genoeg bij voor je achterkleinkinderen. Zo zal je in de eerste missie uit een Douglas C47 springen, samen met een 12 andere nerveuze soldaten. Ook zal je in dit deel samenwerken met Russen en Britten zodat het geheel een internationaal tintje krijgt.Moving over to multiplayer, the Tug of War mode sounds interesting. Could you just go over what players will be doing in this mode?

McDermott: Enhanced objective-based play, in my opinion, will be the highlight of the multiplayer game experience. Dubbed "Tug of War", these maps will have a variety of objectives that each side must complete in order to win. The TOW gameplay will develop from the teams constantly having to fight each other back and forth over these objectives. The first side to have all five objectives completed at once will win the round. Our goal is to have maps that have many choke points where battles will be fought as opposed to just one or two.

Another important feature we're adding with TOW mode involves re-spawning. Each map will have something at either end that can be destroyed to stop one team from being able to re-spawn (i.e. a transport truck). This will add immensely to the gameplay as each side will not only be trying desperately to stop the enemy from being able to re-spawn, but they will have a vested interested in protecting their own spawn area. Verder zal de uitbreiding nieuwe maps, models en wapens bevatten zoals je in dit interview kunt lezen. De expansion zou 22 november moeten uitkomen.