Sport is een geliefd game genre. 3DGN maakte daarom een samenvatting van een aantal populaire sporten. De meeste sporten komen aan bod, behalve tennis

Het blijkt volgen 3DGN ook dat sport games een groot publiek trekken en dat is weer interessant voor de marketing boys In comparision to other gaming genres, developers in the realm of sports have to compete with the fact that these everyday gamers have not only experienced and participated in these sports, but also see them on a daily basis. In order to be met with critical acclaim, thus acceptance from the industry, it is imperative that a sports game be successful in providing the gamer with one of the following:

1) Pure Entertainment: Afford for an exceptionally entertaining experience. Give us an opportunity to do something in sports that is beyond the physical limitations of pro athletes,' i.e. NBA Jam and NFL Blitz.

2) Superb simulation: Emulate the real deal as closely and realistically as possible. Allow the gamer to step in the shoes of a pro athlete and play the sport as it was intended. Be sure to include true-to-life physics, believable sounds and visuals, and voila, you have an ultra-realistic and acceptable simulation on your hands.

According to such a simple formula, one would be led to believe that producing a hit sports title would be a piece of cake. However, taking all of the elements of a complicated sport, and putting them all together into a successful concoction of gaming goodness can be as challenging as passing a dairy farm on the interstate (so close yet so far away!).

Despite such difficulty, there are numerous outstanding sports titles. Every sport from bass fishing to soccer, rugby to baseball, and even skateboarding has a figurehead for their respective genres. Not only do some of these games excel in their particular sports; a select few have risen to become the most entertaining of any game in recent history. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater for example, has provided even the most stagnant of gamers with a new and exciting experience. Tough to picture a

hardcore diehard Quake fan mashing a Playstation controller alongside a hippie-haired grunge freak?

Perhaps it is about time to reevaluate your future in gaming. Virtueel sporten, the total workout