DailyRadar heeft Spider-Man voor de playstation eens nader bekeken. Onze oude vriend moet het opnemen tegen het kwaad en maakt daarbij uiteraard gebruik van zijn 'spiderweb'.

Spider-Man, a juiced-up Tomb Raider, is perhaps the first game to properly capture the feel of what it must be like to don the mask and fight evil. In the comics, Spider-Man can scale walls, shoot a powerful spider's web, lift great objects with ease, leap gracefully into the air and tumble madly, and swing breathlessly across the New York City skyline. Spider-Man, the game, allows for all of this and, in doing so, creates an oddly "real" superhero experience.

Grafisch gezien begint de playstation natuurlijk duidelijk terrein te geven op andere platforms, maar desalniettemin is het een leuk spel geworden, aldus DailyRadar:

Neversoft has done a fine job filling out Spider-Man's form and animating it. It properly captured the gruesome Venom's freakishness (even down to the oversized, slobbering tongue) and nicely rendered New York City. One might expect problems with a game engine that has to handle a character who can walk on walls and ceilings, but Spider-Man tackles the challenges well. When Spidey gets to web crawling, the offending fagade goes translucent, and the camera simply shifts to accommodate the new perspective. There are some problems with the camera (such as when our hero begins to scale a series of girders, and the camera repeatedly pans and flips as if unsure of which way to go), but in all, it's a remarkable piece of engineering.

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