DailyRadar heeft een review gepost van Spellbinder. Een online only FPS. Hieronder een knippie ervan!Spellbinder flaunts a liberal dose of RPGness. Players create characters by choosing from four types of magic users, each of which focuses on a different mystical discipline. Magicians, for instance, stock up on attack spells, while crucial Healers can patch up and even resurrect their teammates. Besides magical abilities, the choice of mage affects everything from the characters' attributes to how manna -- magical energy -- is regenerated. As required by federal mandate (see section 3, paragraph 35 of the United States Federal Role-Playing Game Clichi Code), each character is outlined with standard strength-agility-dexterity RPG attributes, and they increase in power by racking up experience points and ascending numerical levels.

The goal is not so simple as to capture flags or obliterate the other teams. Each team has a Nexus, which the center of the team's magical power. Scattered about the arenas are Earth Nodes, and each faction attempts to capture each of them by "biasing" it to their side. By biasing nodes adjacent to their nexus and each other, teams create a sort of web of mystical energy.