Spellbinder; The nexus conflict is een first person, 3D, online action game met role-playing elements (zeg dat maar eens tien keer achterelkaar terwijl je op je handen de trap afloopt). Anyway, hij is gereviewed door Andy Backer en die geeft hem 3,5 uit 5:

It's deliciously thrilling to wander alone through the dark halls of Spellbinder, listening to the uncanny music and sound effects, not knowing when the next spellcaster will jump out of an alcove or float down from above to fry your bones. It's a lot of fun to float, by the way. Everyone automatically and safely floats down when they jump from a higher level. Characters also have a variety of eye-popping evasive moves including crawling on hands and knees and running zigzag across a floor.