Er gingen al langer geruchten dat ronde dat Shiny Entertainment de gelukkige was om spellen te maken gebaseerd op de kaskraker The Matrix. weet nu echter te melden dat Interplay de rechten heeft verworven en dat Shiny Entertainment het spel mag gaan ontwikkelen.

Het spel schijnt een 3-D action/adventure te worden voor de PS2 en PC en maakt gebruik van de Sacrifice-engine.[...] The deal is expected to allow Interplay to create several game titles based on "The Matrix" franchise.

Laguna Beach-based Shiny Entertainment, which has a publishing and distribution agreement with Interplay, is developing at least one next-generation vidgame based on the license.

Although the license was not finalized until this week, Interplay president Brian Fargo told a group of executives as far back as November that Interplay had won the license for "The Matrix."

[...]It's expected that the first videogame will be a third-person 3-D action/adventure game for the PlayStation 2 platform that will tie in to the plots of the "Matrix" sequels, the first of which is slated for theatrical release next year.

The vidgame also is expected to be released on PC and next-generation console systems, with the game's engine a combination of technologies used in Shiny's "Messiah" and "Sacrifice" PC games.

Among the biggest remaining videogame licenses based on a movie are "Terminator 3" and "Terminator 4."

Eindelijk een spel van mijn favoriete film. Als het spel naar de kwaliteitseisen van Shiny wordt gemaakt verwacht ik een toppertje