The Adrenaline Vault heeft een zooi details online gezet over de nieuwe Spec Ops (3), Military Operations in Urban Terrain.“M.O.U.T.” stands for “Military Operations in Urban Terrain,” and refers to a specialized set of real world battle tactics the U.S. military is testing for urban combat. It also refers to a brand of action that appeals to Zombie's creative impulses in a big way. (...)Four locations with varying weather and time conditions are planned. Long mentioned Seoul, Korea in the winter, and promised high intensity warfare that reduces the city to rubble, with gamers fighting under nuclear, biological, and chemical conditions--as nasty a combat situation as could be. Other environments include a desert level, a jungle level, and an American urban level featuring anti-terrorist combat. These environments should provide a good range of tactical possibilities. “I love the realism of Spec Ops, but want to blend it with the fantasy of Team Fortress. I believe we have found the optimal mix to do that. The mechanics will be simpler and more action-oriented than our other games, but maintain the same realism and depth,” explained Long. Just as the U.S. is administering new technology to a tough combat situation, Zombie is also utilizing its choice of technology--LithTech 2.0. The developer, which to date has created its own 3D engines, will instead be licensing a codebase for M.O.U.T., Spec Ops 3, and Shrapnel. “Monolith has some big announcements coming with LithTech, and I am convinced that they are going to be a new standard in game engines and development," Long said about their decision. "They are putting $14 million into LithTech 2.0 so that it will support the PS2, and as the engine evolves, it will also run on Linux, Macintosh, Amiga, and the Dreamcast, among other platforms. I am convinced it is the engine to go with.”Bedankt Amar voor de tip.