3D gaming net heeft in een vlaag van inspiratie een spec ops 2 Preview gebakken : ...Some insane hero-types had to come along and bust up your party with extreme assertiveness. Nowhere on earth is safe these days from these guys. You can run all over the earth, even Antarctica, but there is no place these guys won't go for a lil butt-kicking action. What kind of psychotic people would live their lives this way? None other than the Green Berets, who are the new special unit in Zombie and Ripcord Games' upcoming 3d-tactical shooter, Spec Ops 2: Green Berets, the sequel (in case you hadn't figured it out) to Spec Ops: Rangers Lead the Way. Spec Ops 2 will have many of the features of the original, but also be hopped up on crack to make it way better and lure in all of those sour-pusses that didn't like the original. Much more care has also been taken to ensure that this game will be smooth running and more fun than finding out just how many ways there are to skin a cat. Meer pics vind je hier