Het antieke spel Space Invaders is in een pc jasje gestoken door Z-Axis en is gereviewed door pc.IGN. Score is een magere 6.8.According to the manual and the movie at the start of the game, the invading aliens who were driven off in 1978 have returned with a vengeance, again forming slowly-descending rows intent on, well, landing. As a grim-faced, Judge Dredd-jawed soldier piloting the latest generation of laser tanks, you're the sole hope of the planet, and indeed the entire solar system. Yes, this time you must defend all the other planets as well (except Mercury; no one wants Mercury). Starting at Pluto and working your way in, you face numerous waves of attackers. Each planet introduces one new type of alien, one new type of special shot for your laser tank, and one new alien boss. After an introductory screen detailing the new alien type, you must fight through several screenfuls of aliens, pausing for a brief round of Motherships, several more screens of aliens, and then the final boss, before moving on to the next planet. The last battle takes place on Earth (Venus, being less dramatically appropriate for the endgame, fits between Mars and Earth).