Weer een nieuwe South Park game. Ik hoop dat deze wat doper wordt dan de vorige South Park: Chef's Luv Shack includes hilarious trivia and South Park-influenced mini-games that require fast reflexes while tickling fan's funnybones. Up to four players can choose between Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, or Stan playing as game show contestants on a television program hosted by the love gourmet himself, Chef. There are over twenty mini-games in South Park: Chef's Luv Shack - one game, "Spank the Monkey with Mr. Mackey," involves interacting with Mr. Mackey's favorite simian friend in ways that fans of the show never thought possible. In "Beefcake," fans try to stuff Cartman with Weight Gain 4000, juggling multiple cans by bouncing them on his ever-expanding waistline.Hij is geshipt voor de PSX, maar hij komt er ook voor de n64, dreamcast en de pc!