De SBlive! Platinum, zomaar een mooie truc om weer iets nieuws uit te kunnen brengen of zijn er echt opvallende verbeteringen t.o.v. zijn voorganger? Gamersdepot nam deze nieuwe kaart onder de loep en kwam tot het volgende verslag...I guess the folks over at Creative Labs just refuse to sit still and let anyone dare try and take the sound card market from them. With the recently released X-Gamer, MP3+, and now Platinum editions, Creative has appeared to set themselves in an even better marketing position to capitalize on all the right demographic markets. We've already reviewed the X-Gamer and MP3+, so there will be quite a lot a common ground in this whole series. The Platinum combines the best of both the X-Gamer and MP3+ with the complete software bundles of both, plus one of the coolest things to hit sound cards since 3D, the "Live! Drive". One of the biggest frustrations with most people and their computers is having to always reach around to the back of the computer to switch between headphones and speakers. I mean, how hard can it be to rig up some kind of contraption that'll let you do those connections on the front. It would appear that our dreams have come true. Heel leuk allemaal, maar ik denk niet dat ik m'n oude SBLive! hiervoor zal vervangen.