Gamespot wist zijn hand te leggen op een vroege beta versie van het veelbelovende Soldier of Fortune. Deze first person shooter is gebaseerd op een gemodifiede Quake II engine en biedt de gamer dankzij 'GHOUL' allerlei leuke mogelijkheden om de tegenstander creatief en realistisch af te slachten :The pride and joy of Raven, however, is Soldier of Fortune's GHOUL rendering system. GHOUL adds a devilishly fun level of realism to this game by giving each enemy 3D model a number of different hit locations. That means, depending on which part of his body is shot, an enemy's arms will recoil, he will cradle his knees in pain, or his head will explode. There are 26 of these hit-specific locations and corresponding pain reactions for each enemy in Soldier of Fortune. Couple that with the game's over-the-top level of blood and gore, also courtesy of GHOUL, and it's all but guaranteed that Senator Lieberman and company will be on the lookout for this one, come next year.

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