Gamecenter heeft een exclusieve .avi filmfragment op het net gezet van deze first person shooter. Het is wel even downloaden, maar de actie die je erna te zien krijgt is errug vet! De movie is 22MB groot en is op deze page te downloaden. Je vindt er tevens interview over de game, waarvan hieronder een gedeelte:GC: Soldier of Fortune is pretty realistic in terms of its depiction of violence. Has there been any pressure from Activision to tone the game down? KH: There hasn't been pressure from Activision to tone it down. When the news broke of the Columbine killings, we questioned what we were doing and did some self-policing. We thought we should look into what was going on and see if there was any validity to those arguments [that violent games were a bad influence on children]. The answer we came up with was no, and we thought that the people making those connections were making assumptions that had no basis in fact. We had always planned for parental lock controls, and the game has always been geared toward an adult audience. We proceeded with original game design and didn't put much stock in what the press was saying.