De lang verwachte demo van Soldier Of Fortune is uit . Single Player Only OEM was released with the Razer mouse and a few other miscellaneous bits of hardware. 2. Multiplayer Only OEM was released (and is currently available) with the 3com gaming modem. (This is the version that Thresh's FiringSquad is reviewing) 3. The public demo is going to be released soon and freely available for download. This demo will include support for single player and multiplayer, weighing in with a tutorial, two single player levels, a cinematic level and two multiplayer levels. Download size could be approaching 90 - 100 MB. The OEM versions are illegal to download (although people have been doing so) but the demo will be freeware. As far as knowing whether or not the 100MB will be worth the download, I guess research and reviews of the OEM versions and all of the previews of the game will have to suffice. There is certainly no shortage of Soldier of Fortune information on the Internet. =) In Europe, the game will be distributed on several magazine cover demo disks and I'm sure the same will be true in the U.S. If people are interested and don't want to risk the download, I'm sure plenty of magazines will carry it. How's that for an answer? Does that clear things up or make them worse? De rest van het artikel vind je hier. Ook is er een 23 Mb grote AVI zie je hier kunt downloaden ... Have Fun