Voor al die mensen die de soldier of fortune demo hebben gedownload en problemen hebben met hun beeld (nee, niet de monitor) wordt er een nieuwe driver ontwikkeld.3dfx has been working with Raven to fix a bug found in our OpenGL ICD. We didn't get the problems fixed in time for the driver release that went up today but we will have an update soon. Please post the following message so 3dfx users recognize that any anomalies they see in the demo are going to be fixed and are not Raven's fault: "Some users may experience graphical glitches using a 3dfx card with the Soldier of Fortune demo. 3dfx is aware of the problem and we are working closely with Raven Software to correct the issue. We expect to have a fixed driver shortly. We are sorry for this inconvenience and would like to thank Raven Software for their patience and cooperation."Met andere woorden : een link voor de nieuwe driver (die nog uit moet komen natuurlijk) zal binnenkort op onze site staan, hebt geduld.