Sorry geen softcore plaatjes in deze post, wel wat over het 'Soft Core gamen', wat men bijvoorbeeld aantreft op van GamePoint. Hier kan men gewone spelletjes zoals backgammon, dammen of het heel populaire darten spelen online. In de US is dit al een langere tijd doorgebroken, Yahoo heeft een gaming service, evenals Microsoft (zie je nou wel? Microsoft gaat wel de gaming industrie overnemen )

Het blijkt maar weer dat dit soort sites heel druk bezocht worden, een stuk drukker zelfs dan bijvoorbeeld de servers van Diablo II:OK, so I promised you earlier that I would find out why there were over 150,000 people playing these simplistic games. And the answer is amazing. These folks are engaging in the same behavior that entices someone to spend an average of 6 hours a day playing Everquest or Diablo II!Yeah, you heard me, now hear me out... The stats that get tracked for each player are an important part of this experience and are very similar the stats that your DII character acquires. They represent a virtual 'you' that you invest time and effort into. When you engage in an online backgammon game and lose, that loss is counted against you, just as a win would count. Those are negative things as far as your online persona is concerned and technically no different to losing a Hell Plague sword in Diablo II. Of course there isn't an entire section of eBay dedicated to people farming Pogo game accounts, but the theory still holds true.