Rick Johnson heeft op de SoF boards gepost wat er allemaal in de update komt.Hier is het lijstje:[bullet]Fixed crash in EAX sound code when playing old sounds

[bullet]Fixed crash in DM when getting killed by standing over a flaming body

[bullet]Fixed crash in DM for Arsenal caused by weapon switching / inventory bug

[bullet]Added a check for invalided saved game files in the menu code

[bullet]Changed the "Error during Initialization" dialog to report the specific error

[bullet]Added view height change for MOF

[bullet]Fixed a bug in detection of remote IP address for systems with multiple IPs

[bullet]Circumvented W2K bug in SetProcessWorkingSetSize(). This call would basically not allow various GL implementations to initialize under W2K. Removed the call to that function.

[bullet]Re-organized CD copy protection

[bullet]Made it so that the winsock error WSAECONNRESET doesn't drop you to the console during DM server browsing

[bullet]Fixed problem where people had difficulty connecting to servers

[bullet]Fixed an issue with spectator mode

[bullet]Fixed an overflow issue with demo playback

[bullet]Fixed CTF issue with force join

[bullet]Added "ainame" worldspawn over-ride to specify the enemy set for user mods

[bullet]Added a "-nostart" command line option, so that dedicated servers won't automatically start dedicated.cfg

[bullet]Added GameSpy server registration support

[bullet]Fixed irqctf1 where players could get in bad spots

Also included in this version is a DLL from Creative Labs. This emulates EAX2.0 on any card that supports EAX1.0. This would include SB PCI cards, Vortex2 cards, and older Sensura based cards. To install this feature, run the batch file in the SoF directory called "installeax.bat"