Via PlanetSoldier kwam ik erachter dat The Pulpit een SoF tweaking guide online gezet heeft. Hierin wordt uitgelegd hoe je SoF sneller kan laten draaien door het tweaken van de videosettings in de console en in bepaalde files.NOTE You can have SoF automatically use the various settings outlined and explained below if you so choose. Just create an autoexec.cfg file and stash this in the game's /base/ sub-folder. Copy whichever settings below that you want into this autoexec.cfg file and launch the game. Your settings will automatically be applied. I'm still unsure of some of the settings below. Where I'm uncertain, tread carefully if you want to experiment yourself. All settings are in yellow with their default values. THE SETTINGS AND CONSOLE VARIABLES ghl_no_texture_stack "0" Hack to get around the 3dfx driver bug (0 or 1). Texture matrix stack. Does not work on some 3dfx drivers with AMD chips/CPU. Causes monitors to scroll and stuff like that. ghl_no_cull "0" Turns of ghoul frustum/network culling (very bad idea) (0 or 1). Debugging aid. Like I said, bad idea. Leave at default (0). ghl_gllight_max_lights "6" Hardware lights used by GL on hardware T&L cards (1 to 8). I wouldn't put this higher than 6 (though you can try 8 if you like). This is 6 world lights plus lights in models. There seems to be no speedup by going lower to 2 or 3, so hey, leave it at 6 for the Geforce or any card with a T&L engine.