Vandaag kan je weer een review van Soldier of Fortune lezen. Waarschijnlijk volgen er nog veel meer, net als van Unreal Tournament en Quake 3.

Deze is geschreven door GameFan en bevat meer dan 50 screenies onder andere van de Capture the Flag optie!Soldier of Fortune is one such game that shouldn't fall into the hands of impressionable youngsters. It sports the most realistic graphic violence by far in any first-person shooter, and for that reason doesn't belong in the hands of an impressionable adolescent that can't tell the difference between games and reality. SoF does come programmed with a reduced violence setting, due to the graphic nature of the game, but regardless, it's strictly for adults. Raven Software's releasing a second “Tactical” version of Soldier of Fortune that supposedly will contain much less violence, and we'll be reviewing that game a bit later.

The GHOUL rendering system is what makes Soldier of Fortune so amazingly realistic; this proprietary technology lends itself to the most realistic character models and animations seen on the PC platform, without any significant performance loss. The GHOUL technology enhances the lighting effects, net code and animations, and features human models with twenty-six 'gore zones;' now discerning adults can disperse damage to over two dozen unique areas.