Okee, okee.. We willen allemaal niet wachten of Soldier of Fortune maar toch. GameSpot heeft een play test/preview van SoF voor ons allen geschreven!

Mmhh... ik hou me mond er gewoon over. Wat ik wil zeggen lezen we zo toch wel terug in de reacties! Soldier of Fortune's greatest innovation, though, is the localised shot areas. While we've seen similar ideas before - head shots can be fatal, leg shots see them hopping or falling over in agony - Soldier of Fortune takes the idea to its natural and gruesome conclusion. With the sniper rifle you can shoot guns out of baddies' hands, pop off their hats, hit them in the groin or stomach for a prolonged and painful death, shoot off limbs or get them clean between the eyes for the quietest and quickest kill. The one made-up weapon is the Microwave Gun, which is slightly less precise. It heats the victim up from the inside before making them explode. Often there's just the legs left at the end to topple over.

The version we played had some slightly disappointing AI in the computer characters - they didn't always respond well to what was going on around them, and the noise detector seems a little insensitive. Nevertheless, this looks like it could do as much for the genre as the wonderful Half-Life. And that's got to be a good thing.