Rick Johnson heeft aangekondigd dat er dit weekend waarschijnlijk al een patch zal uitkomen voor SoF, versie 1.04:I will probably put out a patch early this weekend. Should address: WSAECONNRESET when browsing for servers W2K and game not initializing (i.e. needing non-admin privledges) Server stability (fixes 2 DM crashes) EAX crash bug Other minor issues I'm working with several people to try and track down why certain configurations can't connect. Not really sure what is going wrong, other than the winsock commands are hanging (i.e. behaving in a way other than how they should be). Hopefully I'll have a solution for this to be included in the patch. Obviously, if we knew this was an issue, it would have been fixed prior to the game shipping. But none of us have the configurations or setup needed to stumble on this issue, which also makes it more difficult now for us to track this down. Is er dan geen enkele FPS die geen patches meer nodig heeft?