VoodooExtreme heeft wat info over de komende patch van SoF. Op het MessageBoard van Ravensoft kan je meer vinden over SoF patches. Je kan ook mailen wat je in de volgende patch zou willen zien I've added the "pure" server option to the menus, just need to tie it all together.PocketSoft (the makers of RTPatch) have all of my assets and will hopefully be finding the patch bug that was crashing on Win98.A CTF scoring issue has been addressedI will have some one from Aureal look into the A3D issues. If people could email me with the specifics of their system / A3D sound cards where SoF doesn't detect it, that would help. I may add a server password option. If there is anything else that you would want to see in the patch or features not yet, email them to me. Make the subject "Patch Request". No promises though. Most likely, with the 1.05 release, there will be a new SDK release with the game source code. Currently we have given out the source code to one person (under an NDA agreement) who is working on a bot.