De site 'SoF operations' is geopend. Deze is uiteraard gewijd aan Soldier of Fortune. Ze hadden ook nog interessant nieuws:The release of Activision's 3D action game based on the Soldier of Fortune license is growing closer with each passing day. We snared Activision's associate producer on the project, Steven Rosenthal, into answering a few questions about the game's status. According to Rosenthal, Raven Software's project is in its final beta stage, which means that the developer is submitting successive builds to Activision Q&A for testing to weed out all severe problems before code release. Soldier of Fortune reached "feature freeze" as of last Monday, which means nothing new is being added to the game. The puzzles, level architecture, and weapon balance are final at this point. This also means the one remaining milestone is--gold master!De site is hier te vinden.