PlanetSoldier heeft een multiplayer tactical guide geschreven voor Soldier of Fortune. Het zal je niet beter maken volgens de makers, maar het laat je in ieder geval zien waarom jij zo slecht bent. Ook de basics komen weer aan de orde:Strafe left, right, back & ramming. These are the main maneuvers implemented during combat. Strafing left, right and back is most often used. However, do not neglect ramming the guy and coming up at him-it scares the crap out of the punks and allows you to retrieve a better firing solution. Also, when in battle with an MPG, jump up and down-it will be the most effective way to neutralize his fire. Against Flame-Throwers, contact should be minimized if the battle cannot be won quickly-he can launch massive volumes of fire at you if you give him the time.Zie ook onze review.