Na alle gekte over het uitkomen van SoF en de tig reviews die zullen volgen, of al uitgekomen zijn, besloot Thresh's Firingsquad nu het multiplayer gedeelte te bekijken. Dit is tegenwoordig een net zo, zij het niet belangrijker gedeelte van een game.

The first thing we noticed is that the game tends to chug quite a bit with a lot of players on screen. On my P3 450, 128MB RAM, and G400 Max, I had to turn down the texture detail and lighting quality a couple of levels before I could get an acceptable framerate. Overall, Soldier of Fortune multiplayer has met our expectations. While it may not appeal to everyone, most first person gamers will find it a fun and different experience. We fully expect that multiplayer SoF should develop a strong following of its own. The realistic style deathmatch is something I know I'm going to keep coming back to for the weeks and months to come, because it's the perfect compromise between Quake style deathmatch and the realism of a Counterstrike or Rogue Spear. Wil je de rest lezen, of zien hoe de reviewer zijn maatjes toast .....Thresh's Firingssquad