De veelbelovende MOD Operation Overlord voor SoF komt niet meer uit. De projectleider heeft dat besloten omdat de te veel problemen waren met sommige projectleden. Een stukje uit zijn verklaring:I'm not going to sugarcoat this for you, or make it sound optimistic because, to tell you the truth, it really isn't. We've lost the foundation of our mod. Our coders have up and left us out of the blue. No reasons given, except "I'm sick of waiting for the code". Where did they go? I don't really know, I suppose they are working on other projects, going about real life, etc. It's hard to really say we're done, we're finished, etc. I, and the whole team, was looking forward to bringing you guys/girls one of th ebest teamplay mods you've ever set eyes on. But it seems as though it's not going to happen. When you lose a coder, it's pretty hard on your spirits of getting anything done. When you have to kick a coder off of the team for insabordination, and taking the leading role himself, that is just pathetic. We had to many problems with one of our coders and had to get rid of him. The other quit on good terms, but yet I'm dissapointed in him. I haven't had any contact with 90% of the team, because I simply do not get a response when I email them. Twisted, my good friend, has been sticking with me all the way, and I appreciate him more each day. He has been a positive spirit working through the problems this team has encountered. We believed they would pass, but they didn't. It may also be attributed to the fact Raven took so long releasing the source code. There's also the fact that it was very tough code. I'm not sure about what the reason was. All I can tell you, and all I want to tell you, is that I am truly sorry for creating, and destroying such a promising mod. We got your hopes up only to bring them down. Je kan verder lezen op het forum van Het gaat niet goed met de MOD's voor SoF. Ondanks het feit dat vorige week de SDK is uitgekomen zijn er nog weinig MOD's in ontwikkeling voor deze geweldige fps.