Er is een mod voor Soldier of Fortune verschenen onder de naam 'Disorder'. Het is een soort onofficiele expansion pack met nieuwe levels en missies voor single player. De site is hier te vinden."Dekker is dead. Worse still, Hawk is dead. But is "The Order" dead? Seemingly so, but there are loose ends that The Shop needs to wrap up." A new hosted site has joined the ranks, here at Planet Soldier of Fortune! A single-player mini mod, called "SoF: Disorder"! It's not a TC or anything, but the guy over at Disorder plans to create different maps, with certain objectives. It'll be like an unofficial expansion pack. Personally, I think the stories section over at Disorder has a -lot- to offer. It looks real promising. A bunch of interesting situations that you'll be put into, in this little mod. So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out! [break]Ook is de site '' weer online met een nieuwe server.[/break] is back up with a brand new server and a new 'What If..'! You can check it all out.