Voor de fanatieke map makers onder ons is er een Mapping Tutorial uitgebracht. Er staat in een paar stappen uitgelegt hoe je kamers maakt en aan elkaar verbind.Moving on though, Radiant is a very powerful program and can do a lot of great things if you just know the ropes. I'm going to provide you a basic get-start tutorial into mapping. I'm by no means a great level designer, but I am very experienced. This is just a basic how-to on how to get a map started so you can begin mapping. This "tutorial" assumes that you have already set up Radiant so it will run. It's also very simple just to get you up and mapping. The tutorial is not "advanced" but just showing you how to create two rooms connected by a hallway. After you get that down, you can do any basic map.Je kunt de tutorial hier bekijken.