We raken niet uitgepraat over over Soldier of Fortune. Deze keer heeft 3D Alpha een interview over SoF. Hier een stukje uit dat interview: Lich: Where the did the idea come from to design hit models, and did it even seem possible to do at the time? Brian: That is a good question. I think the gore zones were more of a quick test we came up with that once we thought about became the core of SOF. In Hexen II we had an enemy that lost one of his limbs (a mummy) in battle and it really felt good when you fought that creature over the others since it broke the expected treads of foes. In SOF we knew that you would be fighting people and wanted them to behave and react more realistic and in different ways other than shoot them and they do nothing until they drop dead. People get wounded in battle and cant stand in fight for a time and we wanted to reflect that. Oh, and shooting off limbs to feel the visceral reality of battle.