heeft een interview gehouden met Dan Kramer van Raven Software. Hij zegt zelf niet van plan te zijn mod's te gaan maken aangezien hij daar de tijd voor mist. Ook verteld hij dat er een nieuwe SDK aankomt aangezien de huidige zwaar kl*te is en veel crasht. Over een vervolg kan hij nog niet veel zeggen, het hangt allemaal af van de verkopen van het eerste deel. Maar ideeen zijn er wel al.twisted: How do you deal with game failures/successes? Dan Kramer: SoF is the first project on which I was part of the core team from the beginning (I pretty much just did some tools work on Heretic II and the Hexen II mission pack). I think it's safe to call it a success. The best part of it is hearing friends and family tell me how much they enjoyed the game. Of course, it's also pretty cool to jump on a deathmatch server and be recognized as a Raven employee. I mean, I'll never be the centerfold in the SoF strategy guide, so it's as close to rock-stardom as I get Dealing with the criticisms of SoF can be trying at times. Oddly enough, it's the well-written criticisms that are easiest to deal with. There is no way we can make a game to please everyone, and I can handle people who say, "I can see why some people like it, but it's just not for me." That's cool. It's the wild, flaming idiots who seem to think that they know everything and anybody who disagrees with them is a *insert vulgarity here* that get me. Of course, even worse than that are people who would rather push their own political agenda to advance their journalistic careers. There is a special circle in hell for them. Luckily, they seem to be relatively rare.