Kenn Hoeksta van Raven geeft in zijn .plan nog meer info over de twee verschillende versies van Soldier of Fortune. Hieronder dus hopelijk wat meer duidelijkheid, zodat je niet de verkeerde koopt aangezien er geen patch oid komt voor de reduced versie.There seems to be some confusion over the multiple SKUs of Soldier of Fortune. The standard full version of Soldier of Fortune comes in a green box and the Tactical Low Violence Version comes in a red box. I think that THIS ARTICLE sums up the differences and the reasoning behind it quite well. If you are ordering the game online, odds are you will see two listings: One called "Soldier of Fortune" and another called "Soldier of Fortune Tactical Version" like this listing on

Of course the best way to make sure that you get the version you are looking for is to go down to your local software retailer and hand pick the version you want. If that's not an option, call the Customer Service department of the website or store that you ordered from and make sure you are getting what you want. That's what the CS people are there for and it will save you a lot of headaches because of the strict software return policies that exist in today's market.

There is NO WAY to enable the full violence in the tactical version and no patch or hack to do so will ever be released, supported or endorsed by Raven Software or Activision.Zie ook deze posting van gisteren.