Het moest er ook wel van komen en hier is die nu, een Fortress MOD voor Soldier Of Fortune. Het moet een soort combinatie van Counterstrike en TFC worden. MOD Central heeft een interview gedaan met de bedenker, met de coole nickname Wil First of all, who is Wil? Heh, i'm 22 and should be a student in multimedia(HND) in september. I'm from the UK. I'm currently helping out with a UT mod (working title Vampire vs Priest), as a skinner and a concept artist. So, tell us about your mod. Right. The mod is currently called SoF Fortress (but that's a working title). Now i've not been able to do much multiplayer gaming over the net on SoF, so i don't know what a reasonable amount of players is, but i'm gonna say for the moment it's for 16 players, perhaps 20. It's a teambased mod, likened to the TFC or CounterStrike mods, but with reallife weapons and classes (sort of). The weaponry? Currently the list of weapons includes: (i should say the 'new ' weapons because as many of the default ones will be used )

* an m4 assualt rifle with grenade launcher

* a new type of heavy machine gun simular to the sentry guns in TFC, but they are manned by team members

* a katana sword (perhaps even ninja stars, but thats a big perhaps)

* claymore mines, wich should be cool

Je kan het interview hier verder lezen.