Waarom Tresh wel en ik niet? Waarom heeft Tresh wel de full version gekregen en ik niet? Waarom heb ik hem niet mogen previewen en Tresh wel? Ach ja, het leven is hard. In ieder geval heeft Tresh er een 'eerste indruk' van gemaakt, wat dus ongeveer overeenkomt met een preview.Multiplayer includes a number of customizeable elements, ranging from movement speed, to realistic damage (on or off), to the presence of missile weapons. We haven't had much of a chance to play multiplayer, because the disc arrived last Friday, just as Firingsquad and Gamers.com were packing up our computers to move (again) to our new offices. Rest assured that a full review is coming later this week, and we'll get right to the heart of multiplayer issues and everything else. We did do a quick run through of the Raven DM level, which is modeled after the Ravensoft offices! We're not sure if it's that technically sound of a DM level, but it sure seems fun to pop up over top of cubicle walls and exchange fire!Binnenkort zal Tresh er een echte (p)review van online mikken.