PlanetSoldier wist te melden dat de problemen met EAX en A3D met SoF zijn eindelijk opgelost. Hier is het hele verhaal. We found the cause of the EAX and A3D problems after the 1.04 patch. (And before the patch in the case of A3D). For EAX, the patch deleted EAXsnd.dll, ready for the new one that was supposed to be installed. Of course, since this was yanked at the last minute, there isn't one. So it got deleted and not recreated. No wonder EAX doesn't work. You can either go to one of the SOF websites out there and grab it - I just sent Email to everyone (or got Kenn to ) with this file, - or you can re-install the original version of SOF, copy out the file, install the patch, and then put it back. We apologise for the mistake on our end for this. This is our fault, and we take the responsibility for it. A3D. We shipped with an old version of A3DAPI.dll. This is why some are having problems with Montego II cards and the mx300 in some cases. Again, go to any of your favorite SOF websites, and the revised version of a3dapi.dll should be there for download. Just replace the original version in windows/system and Raven/sof and you are good to go. This will be updated in all future patches. Not quite sure how this one happened - we should have shipped with the latest version. Still, at least we caught it. Happy noise making. Downloaden kan hier