Damage Gaming heeft een review gemaakt van de eergisteren gereleasde SoF demo. De game wordt door hun nu al uitgeroepen tot een van de beste games van het jaar: The demo comes with two single-player missions that, while short, are simply amazing and do have a fun replay value. The first level opens up with a gang taking over a subway to supposedly place bombs, while the next level is the most amazing train recreation I have ever seen in a game. Both levels have great enemy placement, and I was surprised when some enemies didn't even show up in the same place or at the same time as they did in the previous run. On the flip side, the demo also comes with two multiplayer levels that you can easily hop on a server with a frag to your heart's content. I haven't given enough of a shot at the multiplayer yet to see if I like it, but I'm sure I will. I've been waiting for a realistic (IE one shot kills) for a long time. The game has some of the most realistic player models I have seen in a title in a while, and I really am trying to figure out what happened to Raven. It's almost like a surge of genius has struck them, and I'm happy it has. It really goes without saying that Soldier of Fortune is going to easily become one of the best games of 2000, if the entire game lives up like the demo does.