Ik zag op SoFcenter dat ze een dagboek van de ontwikkelingen van SoF online gegooid hebben die regelmatig geupdate zal worden. Helaas niet dagelijks. Hier een deel van het stukje van vandaag: The topic for today's discourse was changed at the last minute by forces beyond my control, so I'll talk about something completely different, something that I'm pretty sure I _am_ allowed to talk about…my thoughts on having finished SOF. If _this_ gets censored from on high, we all need to start checking our six for the Thought Police. With any luck at all, I may even figure out a way to connect said thoughts to a useful slant on the game industry, but we'll see how well that turns out. Heh. A quick, quick history is, I think, in order. Much like other developers, I started programming at an early age (12), on a now-decrepit machine (Atari 800XL), in BASIC. The only occupation I've ever _really_ wanted since then is game developer. I wasn't convinced it was more than just a pipe dream until my first job out of college when I started working at a small game company here in Wisconsin. I learned a lot there, and I'm thankful for the experience and for the fact that that company gave me a chance. After a while, though, it became apparent that the goals of that company were somewhat different than mine, and at about the same time Raven announced a programming opening. So here I am. The short, short version of the above paragraph is this: it has been a lifelong goal to see my name in the credits of a computer game. Well, this week, I achieved that goal. Is everyone else around here thrilled that SOF is not only finished, but looking like the hottest thing around? You bet. I'm certainly not saying that my joy at completing this project is unique. What I am saying is that, for me, crossing this particular finish line has taught me the value of some things, namely desire and persistence.