Vorige maand is het eerste deel gereleased en nu wordt er al weer gesproken over deel 2.

De echte John Mullins is overigens te bereiken op johnfmullins@hotmail.com. Hij zal weer de nodige informatie verschaffen voor deel 2. Een tijdje terug kon je suggesties mailen naar Raven Software voor het volgende deel en dit is er uit gekomen:I have received over 200 emails with suggestions for SOF2 imput.


This will help us out alot in our proposal to Activision.

Seems most would like to have all realistic military weapons and more GHOUL enhancements, which is exactly what we are thinking of.

We are also VERY proud and thankful that SOF is in the #2 slot for sales two weeks in a row!

SOF is on track to be Ravens BEST selling title ever! Thanks to all who have purchased it.

A lot of people wanted me to say hello to John Mullins but if you want to email him directly with comments or questions here is his email address he wanted me to give out johnfmullins@hotmail.com.

Please dont ask him to kill anyone he doesnt do that sort of thing. (now) =)Dit stond overigens in de .plan van Brian Raffel