De Dreamcastversie van Tomb Raider 4 is in de 1e week van de verkoop in de Uk slechts 4,626 keer verkocht. Volgens een medewerker van Core ligt het aan de algemene trend dat er minder software wordt verkocht. Volgens PlanetDreamcast ligt het gewoon aan het spel, het zou weinig extra ten opzichte van de Playstation versie bieden.Tomb Raider 4 has managed only a pitiful 4,626 sales during its first week on store shelves in the UK. According to a Core spokesperson: "It's a sign of the times, not of the software," blaming a general dip in software sales as the reason for the poor performance. What other reasons are there for such poor sales which Core are obviously overlooking? First and foremost, the Dreamcast conversion is pathetic. It looks marginally better than the PSX version and the frame rate isn't much better - perhaps Dreamcast owners are a different bunch to Lara's PSX followers, who'll buy the same drivel each year with little added content-wise? Maybe gamers in general have finally wised-up to Eidos's milking of the Tomb Raider franchises each year with nothing new added to the series? We'll have to wait and see how well the game does in the States first before passing judgement on Lara's current popularity, but if sales in Europe are anything to go by Core are going to have to try a lot harder with their next Dreamcast title to ensure sales are better.