De mannen van GA-Source hebben een review getiept van Slave Zero. Ofwel: Vechten met erg grote robots! Altijd kewl natuurlijk. A clan of ancient warrior priests known as the Guardians have sworn the destruction of S1-9 and it's ruler, SovKhan. The Guardians have constructed a hidden base deep beneath the sewage conduits of S1-9, but they are no match for SovKahn's latest creation, the Slaves. The Slaves are giant cybernetic machines grown in vats and powered by a mysterious neutronium growth compound.

Combat consists of you fighting futuristic tanks and other mecha with the occasional Slave unit thrown in. Some of the mecha can fly around, while others have energy shields and will charge you and knock you to the ground. There are certain points every few levels where you will reach a boss monster. While I'm not a big fan of boss monsters every so often, they were integrated into the story nicely. The AI is nothing to write home to mom about, but it does have its moment and is fairly difficult even on the easy setting.

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