Vanochtend kwam de fan site Achtung Wolfenstein met het nieuws dat de single player demo van Return to Castle Wolfenstein mogelijk op de cover CD-Rom van de volgende PC Gamer zou zitten. Helaas blijkt dit bericht niet te kloppen, want volgens PC Gamer editor Matt Pierce zit de demo niet op de volgende editie.Hi

I'm the Editor of PC Gamer in the UK. In order to prevent much widescale disappointment, the Wolf demo won't be in the issue out on sale Nov 19th. As some people have rightly pointed out, Next Month pages in magazines are notoriously hard to get right - simply because they have to be written so far in advance due to long lead times.

The Wolf demo was mentioned simply because information given to us at the time indicated it would be ready. It wasn't.

It's not in my interests to mislead anyone - it only frustrates readers. That said, we have an exclusive agreement with the publishers that means the playable demo will be available on PC GAMER (UK) before any other UK magazine when it's finally released.


Matt Pierce

Editor, PC GAMER (UK)

De demo zou wel voor deze editie gepland zijn, maar is dus uitgesteld. We zullen nog even moeten wachten voordat we het werk van id betreffende Wolfenstein kunnen zien. Wat Nerve Software heeft laten zien met de multiplayerkant was indrukwekkend genoeg om naar de single player kant van id uit te kijken.