We kunnen er beter Filmers.nl van maken. De laatste tijd komen er meer films van spellen uit dan spellen zelf .

Nu is SiN aan de beurt. Geen Angelina Jolie, Jean Claude van Damme o.i.d. als hoofdrolspelers, maar echte animatie figuren.

SiN goes Manga

In this day and age, any entertainment property is fair game to be "optioned" for the basis of a movie. It's the same with video and PC games. Although you sometimes read that a Hollywood studio has bought the rights to make Doom or Half-Life into a feature film, most of these projects enter "development hell" and never surface on celluloid.

That is not the case with SiN: The Movie, an anime (Japanese animation) film that will be available on VHS and DVD in late October. The movie is based on Ritual Entertainment's first person shooter that was released in the fall of 1998, and the movie version, distributed by ADV Films, is an entertaining, but very violent, piece of filmmaking.

The movie version keeps only a few elements of Ritual's game, where your character, John Blade, faced off against super-villianess Elexis Sinclaire and her biologically mutated minions in the near-future city of Freeport. Aside from Blade, Sinclaire, a couple of other characters and the game's basic premise, SiN: The Movie sticks to its own story.

The plot has Blade, a member of the HARDCORPS law enforcement unit, protecting the city of Freeport against the monsters that Sinclaire has created, as well as protecting a small girl that Sinclaire needs badly to complete her master plan. Blade has some tragedies of his own to deal with, including the death of his father and being forced to kill his partner J.C., who was turned into one of Sinclaire's creations. He also has to handle J.C.'s sister (also named J.C.) who blames Blade for what happened to her brother.

Make no mistake. SiN: The Movie (which actually clocks in at around 60 minutes) is a very violent piece of work at times, with lots of blood and decapitations, thanks to Sinclaire's mutants. If you are unfamiliar with the traditions of Japanese anime, be aware that this is not a Disney film and not for the kiddies.

Alle liefhebbers van Abeltje, Bambi en de Zeven Dwergen komen met SiN: The Movie weer goed aan hun trekken .