Hyperion Software heeft aangekondigt SiN te porten naar de Amiga en Linux zoals aangegeven in het volgende bericht:Hyperion, the Amiga's premier entertainment software company, has acquired a license from Activision Inc. (NASDAQ: AVTI) to port Ritual's critically acclaimed ego-shooter "SiN" to the Amiga and Linux platforms. SiN is based on ID Software's spectacular Quake 2 engine using OpenGL. "We are in the process of finalising our Amiga port of Activision's Heretic 2", says Ben Hermans, Hyperion's managing partner. SiN, like Heretic 2, is based on ID's Quake 2 engine, so we are confident we can complete the Amiga and Linux versions by the end of Q2 2000. SiN is synonymous with first rate, unadulterated action with relatively low system requirements so Amiga and Linux users have something to look forward to." The Amiga version will require a PPC (supported through WarpOS) and will support 3D accelerators through Warp3D and Hyperion's custom OpenGL implementation (MiniGL). Both x86 and PPC Linux versions are planned with an Alpha version under consideration. Hm.. Ik moet dus eerst nog een PPC board voor m'n Amiga regelen. Dan kan ik helemaal Microsoft free zijn