GameSpot heeft een preview geschreven van de nieuwe Simon The Sorcerer adventure. Deze versie zal, zoals jullie waarschijnlijk al weten, volledig 3D zijn.

Als de humor hetzelfde is, dan zal het wel weer goed zitten!As with most new 3D games, Simon 3D is controlled via keyboard rather than mouse. In the first section of the game, which takes place in a temple, Simon meets his fairy godmother (a small winged pensioner clad in a tutu and Spice Girl platform trainers) who guides him through the control system and gives a few hints that will be useful over the course of the game. As with Grim Fandango and the latest Gabriel Knight, Simon will automatically turn his head to look at objects of interest, such as items that can be added to the inventory, levers and switches that can be activated, and so on. Simon can also look at the world from a first-person viewpoint, which occasionally comes in handy, and he has three speeds (walk, jog and run) which are useful once he gets out in the large open areas later on.

Meer fraaie ingame screenies vind je in de preview zijn gallery.