Simcity 3000 unlimited is geen echte add-on omdat het werkt zonder het eerste deel. Maar het zal ook geen compleet nieuw spel zijn. Maxis heeft naar de gamers geluisterd en verbeterd wat deze wilden. Een soort 'gold' edition dus zou je kunnen zeggen.SimCity 3000 Unlimited is not an expansion pack for the original SimCity 3000, but rather a complete stand-alone game that features new additions requested by vocal SimCity fans. The game's core remains unchanged from the first SimCity 3000: It's using the same interface, the same graphics engine, and the same play mechanics as the original. But the new features SimCity 3000 Unlimited boasts are enough to justify the game's stand-alone nature. The game sets itself apart from its predecessor by coming bundled with an enhanced version of Maxis' Building Architect tool, a new scenario creator, weather effects, Asian and European tilesets, and 13 new scenarios. Hard-core fans of SimCity 3000 will remember downloading the free Building Architect tool from Maxis' web site shortly after the game's release. The utility gave you the ability to create, customize, and trade your own buildings for use in SimCity 3000. The Building Architect's interface was very simple to use, and designing the various buildings was as simple as piecing together blocks of Lego. SimCity 3000 Unlimited's Building Architect Plus is essentially the same as SimCity 3000's editor, but it now includes the ability to add a variety of props to any building, a feature that was in high demand by users, according to Maxis.